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Furlong, PA 18925

Sod Supply for Contractors

Sod Supply and Service for Contractors

As a contractor, your reputation is measured not only by the quality of service you provide, but also by the quality of the products you use. At Superior Turf, we offer contractors the finest quality turfgrass sod as well as our reputable sub-contracting services such as laser grading and turf installation to help ensure that your client’s expectations are met at every level.

Sod Services:
  • Same-day sod pickup
  • Forklift delivery
  • 12-24 hr deliveries
  • Big Roll installer rentals
  • Call for volume/project discounts
Subcontracting Services:
  • Finish-grading
  • Laser grading
  • Sod supply & installation
  • Seeding—brillion seeding, over-seeding, & hydro-seeding
Tractor Laser Grading for Turf Installation
Turf and Hydroseeder