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Sod for Residential Lawns

Beautify Your Lawn with Superior Sod

Few things are more pleasing to the eye or more satisfying for a homeowner than an expanse of lush green lawn. It adds value to your property and beauty to your everyday environment. The quickest way to get the results you dream of is to install sod. Unlike seeding, once the sod is planted the lawn is in place without waiting!

Professional Services
Sometimes the scope or demands of a project are simply to specialized or time consuming to Do-It-Yourself.  Superior Turf offers a wide array of services to homeowners looking to improve their lawns. 

• Drainage solutions - swales, underground pipes, surface drains
• Soil amendments - lab tests, recommendations, modifications
• Fine-grading - seeding or sod preparation
• Irrigation Installation
• Erosion Control - hydro-seeding
• Sod Installation
• Big Roll

Do It Yourself
For those “Do It Yourself-er’s” out there, installing sod is a relatively straight forward process that can save you a significant amount of money in today’s stressful economic environment.  Our staff is happy to offer advice and tips throughout the entire process to ensure that you get the most out of your lawn renovation.  Please refer to the Sod page for more details.
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Residential Sod Installation
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Sod Installed Around Pool
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