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Kentucky Bluegrass Grower

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Superior Turf's bluegrass sod consists of a blend of 4-5 hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass variations bred for their resistance to disease and aggressive growth habit. We are constantly in touch with University researchers and turf grass breeders so that we can provide our customers with the finest varieties available. Kentucky Bluegrass offers a deep, dark, green color and is ideal for full sun areas. The aggressive growth habit of Kentucky Bluegrass makes it a preferred choice for athletic fields.

Cool-season grass, dark green color, dense, beautiful appearance, medium to fine leaf texture with excellent leaf uniformity. Forms a strong sod via rhizomes.

Recommended Usage:
Widely adapted basic lawn grass of the cool, humid, semi-arid and temperate regions. Recommended for residential and commercial lawns. Also widely used on sports fields and play areas, parks, cemeteries, commercial applications and roadsides.

Temperature Tolerance:
Thrives in cool weather and will tolerate very cold winters. Undergoes stress during extremely hot weather, but will maintain good color and appearance if properly watered and cared for.

Drought Resistance:
Medium- can go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld; upon return of moisture supply it will green up again. Some varieties have better tolerance to heat and drought.

Shade Adaptation:
Fair to poor- thrives in sunny areas, a few varieties are moderately adapted to partial shade.

Wear Resistance:
Medium- recovers quickly from occasional abuse and will withstand moderate foot traffic usage. Rhizomes enhance quick recovery, especially in Spring and Fall.
Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Turf
Kentucky Bluegrass Sod